What Does TCT Mean On Snapchat, In Texting?

On Snapchat and in texting, TCT means “Total Crush Tuesday.” Users post people they have a crush on similar to #WCW aka “Women Crush Wednesday.” One set of people who definitely don’t have a crush on Snapchat right now are the residents of Venice Beach, Florida, home of the company’s headquarters.

Protestors got together to persuade people not to invest in the company.  This marks just one of Snapchat’s numerous issues.  A new reports reveals that while more older people are using the app, millennials have been abandoning Snapchat for Instagram.  This is no surprise.  Instagram has been unapologetic about copying Snapchat’s features.

What Does TCT Mean On Snapchat In Texting?
What Does TCT Mean On Snapchat In Texting?

Snapchat recently partnered with several television networks so older people are downloading the app to consume their favorite television shows.  Now that Instagram Stories are being used by more younger people, the app’s popularity is increasing.  Instagram recently added a carousel feature to improve the app’s user experience.

Instagram offers everything users need and more.  To view #TCT content on Instagram you simply search the hashtag.  To view #TCT content on Snapchat you have to browse your friend’s updates.  There’s no telling if the people you are following have posted any Total Crush Tuesday pics.

The video below shows the Snapchat protest that took place in Venice Beach, California.  Is Snapchat dead?


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