Trey Songz Nicki Minaj – Beef, Bisexual? Breakfast Club 2017

Scroll to the end of this article to see Trey Songz full 2017 Breakfast Club interview.  He covers numerous topics.  Trey clears up rumors about being bisexual and he discussed Nicki Minaj.  On Remy Ma’s “shETHER” the rapper calls Nicki Minaj out for having sex with Trey.  He used Instagram to deny the rumors but Nicki still called him out.

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Trey advises Nicki to check his Instagram page where he posted a video explaining that the rumor was false.  Trey kicked Nicki while she was down.  The singer told her that she should be mad at Remy Ma and not him.  That’s the last thing Nicki needed to hear after “shETHER” was released.

Trey Songz Nicki Minaj Beef Bisexual Breakfast Club 2017
Trey Songz Nicki Minaj Beef Bisexual Breakfast Club 2017
Trey says Nicki disrespected him.  Nicki reminded Trey that she gave him multiple hit songs and Trey disagrees.  Trey says that Nicki didn’t have any hit songs before she was featured on his track “Bottoms Up.” Despite their feud, Trey says he loves Nicki.
Trey Songz Nicki Minaj Beef
Trey Songz Nicki Minaj Beef
Charlamagne thinks Trey was petty for telling Nicki that she should be mad at Remy Ma.  Trey says Nicki was petty first and she took too long to respond to Remy.

Drake and Trey Songz have unresolved issues

DJ Envy asks Trey why he hasn’t done any recent songs with Drake.  Trey explains that him and Drake are good friends but they have unresolved personal issues.  Trey refuses to provide details.  Trey reveals that he almost signed Drake before the Toronto rapper signed with Young Money.  
Trey says that Drake begged the singer to sign him but Trey wasn’t in the right situation.  Trey explains that Drake wouldn’t be as famous if he signed him.

The last time Trey visited The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy made a comment about the singer’s private parts.  The comment led people to believe that Trey was bisexual.  In the video below, Trey clears up the rumors, explaining that he’s not bisexual.