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Tommie Lee Mugshots, Love And Hip Hop Star Goes To Jail

Tommie Lee added another mugshot to her collection.  The first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 6, “Who’s Your Daddy” shows her get arrested.  The Instagram post below proves that she’s not letting her legal issues ruin her career.  She’s using her mugshots on her Payback album cover:

A post shared by Tommie (@tommiee_) on Oct 14, 2016 at 3:25pm PDT

The image below shows Tommie and Stevie J walking towards the Atlanta Police Department.  Tommie explains that Stevie was there when her incident with Joseline went down.  She’s hoping that she’ll be able to prove her innocence by having Stevie speak on her behalf.

Tommie Lee Goes To Jail
Tommie Lee Goes To Jail

TMZ posted the following mugshot of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star who arrested for threatening to kill Joseline Hernandez:

Tommie Lee Mugshot
Tommie Lee Mugshot

TMZ reports that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Tommie Lee is adding another mugshot to her collection.  She turned herself in on to police on Wednesday, August 31, 2016.  An arrest warrant was filed after Lee threatened to kill Joseline Hernandez.  Another one bites the dust. Similar to Stevie J, Lee has to prove her innocence because of the “Puerto Rican Princess.”

According to Global Grind Tommie violated the restraining order that Joseline filed against her.  At one point during the show’s fifth season, the two were friends.  Who can forget when they visited Stevie J and ended up naked in a pool.  Things have changed since then with Hernandez claiming that Lee tried to run her over with her car.  Check out all of Tommie Lee’s mugshots:

Tommie Lee Mugshots, Love And Hip Hop
Tommie Lee Mugshots, Love And Hip Hop

We knew that things were serious when the show’s creator, Mona Scott-Young banned Tommie from the reunion.  If there’s one thing Mona doesn’t mind it’s drama and Lee is always brining it.  While Mona claimed that she didn’t ban her, we eventually found out that it was the reality star’s legal issues that caused the confusion.

Tommie grew up in Newark, NJ and was the only female in a house full of boys.  That’s where the reality star’s tough attitude comes from.  Mimi Faust was once the most believable character on the series.  When she got upset the expressions she made warned you not to mess with her.  Tommie Lee took Mimi’s crown last season as she never hesitated to fight anyone about anything.

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