Teenage Fever Drake

One of the most anticipated albums of the last six months just dropped, “More Life” by Drake, and although it totally exceeded all expectations as far as production, features, and overall vibes, it left us with more questions than answers about the Drake and J. Lo romance (formerly known as Dralo).

Teenage Fever Drake
Teenage Fever Drake

In his song “Teenage Fever”, the hip-hop heavyweight sampled his ex boo thang’s hit song “If You Had My Love”. Drake definitely gets in his feelings and spits lyrics like:
“Out of body
That’s just how I feel when I’m around you, shawty
Last night we didn’t say it
But girl, we both thought it
Why second guess? I should have stayed

You say the word, I’m on the way

Teenage Fever Drake
Teenage Fever Drake
Well then it definitely seems as though someone has Drake feeling strongly about them even if it’s not J.Lo. However, on the very first song of the album, Drake mentions how he “drunk texts” Miss Jenny from the block and the texts bounce back because it was an old number. Yikes.

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Fast forward to the highly emotional song “Get it Together” and Drake pulls what some would say: a petty move. Remember the video that surfaced where Dralo appear to be at a prom with a song with both of their vocals in the background? Well the song was “Get it Together” and he replaced Jenny’s vocals with the very talented U.K artist, Jorja. 
Well that was a roller coaster! Was Dralo a real couple? Did she really change her number and not give Drake the new one? Is that why he replaced her vocals? 
What’s your theory on it?