Tatu Baby And Ceaser – Black Ink Crew

Tatu Baby and Ceaser go on a date in episode 8 of Black Ink Crew‘s fifth season, “Ride The Sky Train.” Sky, Ted and Donna try to get Ceaser’s mind off his breakup with Dutchess but it’s not working.  Ceaser refuses Hennessy on the beach, making it clear that his mind is still on Dutchess.  Ceaser makes a step in the right direction by scheduling an appointment with Tatu Baby.

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Tatu Baby owns Till The End.  Ceaser describes the shop as the Black Ink of Miami, Florida.  Dutchess was the only female that tattoo Ceaser before Tatu Baby.  Ceaser got a portrait of his mother on his leg.  He’s impressed with Tatu Baby’s work and tells her he’ll be getting more tattoos from her in the future.

Tatu Baby And Ceaser Black Ink Crew
Tatu Baby And Ceaser Black Ink Crew

Tatu Baby takes Ceaser to a club that’s nothing like that clubs in Harlem.  She teaches him how to salsa and Ceaser’s falling in love with her and Miami.  Tatu Baby is a breath of fresh air for Ceaser.  His relationship with Dutchess became too difficult.  They argued on a regular basis and Dutchess couldn’t get over the fact that he cheated.

Tatu Baby marks a new beginning for Ceaser but he’ll most likely experience the same problems.  He was in a long-distance relationship with Dutchess and if he makes it official with Tatu Baby he’ll be in yet another long-distance relationship.

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