Snapchat Today Screen: New Update

Snapchat Today Screen New Update
Snapchat Today Screen New Update

Snapchat has rolled out
its newest feature. Now, instead of digging for a friend on Snapchat to chat
with, you can find them a lot easier with the new update. It works like this;
you add stickers that look like your friends and assign them to your friends
who you want to chat with the most. 

For the iOS version of the new update, you just
swipe right from the home screen to the Today screen and scroll down to the edit
section, and based on the interaction you have with certain friends, you add “Snapchat
and “Snapchat Best Friends” and those who have added Bitmoji widgets to their
avatars will allow you to chat easier with them. This is because once you set
it up, you just click on their avatar and can chat with them right away.

For the Android
version, you just tap and hold a part of your home page screen, choose “widgets”
and then choose “Snapchat” and then you can add up to four of your best friends
to add to your home screen with their widgets.
Snapchat bought Bitmojiwidgets last year for a whopping $64.2 million to allow users to make avatars
that look like them and send them to friends as stickers.
What do you think about
this new update? Will you use it to chat easily with your “best friends?” Sound
off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think!

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