Shirley Jones Grandson On The Voice

Shirley Jones grandson,
Jack Cassidy, auditioned on The Voice on Monday’s episode. The 18-year-old
Partridge Family relative was really excited about the idea that he would be
judged by his voice and not the fact that he is related to the Cassidy’s and
Shirley Jones.
According to reports,
Jack Cassidy is not only the grandson of Shirley Jones but he is the nephew of
David and Shaun Cassidy. This makes him part of ‘The Partridge Family’ as well.
Although Jack gets his singing talent honestly, he is currently a worship
leader and for Monday’s episode of The Voice he chose the song, ‘One of Us’ by
Joan Osborne. He said he chose this song because it “hit home” for him.

Shirley Jones Grandson On The Voice
Shirley Jones Grandson On The Voice
During the episode,
Shirley Jones was with him and she was so excited for him she could barely sit
still to wait on the chairs to turn around. Two out of four chairs turned
around, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys. Blake Shelton said he “had a vision” about
Cassidy and Keys working together on the show. Adam told Jack to come home to
him. Cassidy said although he loved Adam Levine, he had to go with Alicia Keys

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