Shaq And Christina Aguilera – Don’t Fake The Funk On A Nasty Dunk

Shaq And Christina Aguilera
Shaq And Christina Aguilera
Last month, the Oreo
dunk challenge happened. What is the Oreo dunk challenge? It is what Oreo
launched with Hall of Fame basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal, pop singer
Christina Aguilera, and Brazilian Soccer Player, Neymar da Silva Santo Jr.
Those who participated in the challenge were able to also enter for a chance to
win a VIP trip to New York or Los Angeles. Those who participated did so by
sharing their dunk on Instagram with the hashtag #OreoDunkSweepstakes.
Justin Parnell, who is
the global brand director for Oreo had this to say about the dunking
sweepstakes: “OREO sees the world with childlike wonder and our iconic dunking
ritual is the purest articulation of that vision.”
He went on to say this:
“When you dunk an OREO
cookie in milk, you’re releasing a bit of childlike wonder from within and it’s
those types of moments that our brand was built on. We’re thrilled to inspire
fans to dunk OREO cookies on a global scale and inspire more moments of play
and wonder around the world.”
Did you participate in
the OREO dunking challenge?
Since the OREO dunking
challenge, Shaq
has received his Laker’s statue
. He actually got it today, March 24. He was
recognized by the Laker’s with the statue.
What has Christina Aguilera been up to since the OREO dunking challenge? She has just been doing
her own thing.

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What do you think about
the OREO challenge? Did you participate in it? Sound off with your thoughts on
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