Samantha Lee – Race, Ethnicity, Schwalenberg Marries Tyrese Gibson

Samantha Lee’s race and ethnicity is being discussed on social media.  Tyrese called her his “Black Queen” but she’s mixed.  Samantha is black, Jamaican and Ecuadorian.  The singer recently announced that he married University of Georgia graduate.  Scroll down to see Twitter’s reaction to Tyrese’s “Black Queen” comments.

Tyrese’s ex-wife, Norma Mitchell is from London.  Can she be considered a “Black Queen“? If Samantha was darker would people care about Tyrese calling her his “Black Queen”? Check out the tweets below to see what social media had to say about Tyrese’s comments.

Samantha Lee Race Ethnicity
Samantha Lee Race Ethnicity


Samantha Lee Parents

Samantha Lee Schwalenberg is now Samantha Lee Gibson.  Her parents are African-American, Jamaican and Ecuadorian.  The following tweet explains that we can’t consider former President, Barack Obama black if Sam’s not black.

Barack’s father is black but his mother is Irish, German, Scottish, Welsh, Swiss-German and French aka white.  Obama is multiracial yet we didn’t hesitate to call him our first black president.

The following tweet claims that Tyrese insulted African-American women by calling Sam a #BlackQueen.


This debate is about how much many people dislike Tyrese Gibson.  The singer and actor plays Pastor Bobby Harris on the Star TV show and the role matches his personality perfectly.  Tyrese is constantly sharing life lessons on social media.  He’s passionate and unapologetic about his beliefs.Like many pastors, Tyrese makes you feel guilty when you disagree with him.  It’s his way or the highway.  Long story short: Tyrese Gibson is annoying.  He’s a know it all.  He makes people want to argue with him, explaining the response to his “Black Queen” comments.

What do you think about Tyrese referring to his wife as his “Black Queen”? Does the Samantha Lee race matter? Are people being too hard on Tyrese? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.