Rodney James Hess – Facebook Live

Rodney James Hess was
shot and killed by police officers in Memphis, Tennessee while he was driving
to visit family living there. According to reports, he had Facebook Live going
and the whole thing was recorded. Now, you won’t see him die in the video but
you do hear the shots and a man screaming. Apparently, he was unarmed when this

officers pulled up by Rodney
while he was parked perpendicular along the
highway. They said they wanted to see what was wrong. Officers said Hess refused
to do what they said and he asked to speak to “higher in command” meaning he
just wanted to speak to their supervisors.

Rodney James Hess Facebook Live
Rodney James Hess Facebook Live
Officers also reported
that Hess kept trying to hit them with his vehicle. They reported that after
many attempts to get him to listen to them and do what they asked him to do,
one police officer shot through the windshield of the vehicle to stop him from
coming after them with his vehicle anymore.
Although most of it was
caught on Facebook Live, Hess’s family is asking anyone who has any information
regarding this shooting to come forward.
The family attorney
stated that all Hess was asking for was to speak to their supervisors when he
asked to speak to “higher command” and that he was not acting aggressively toward
the police.
Hess was airlifted to a
Memphis, Tennessee hospital where he died shortly after getting there. His
family posted on Facebook asking any witnesses to please speak up about the
shooting of their loved one. They stated, “All we are asking for is justice.”
Rodney Hess had three
children ages 14-years-old, three-years-old, and 18-months-old. Hess was born
and raised in Memphis which was not far from where he was shot and killed.
However, he had been living in between Houston, Texas and New Orleans,
Louisiana and was traveling to Memphis to visit family when this happened to
The Tennessee Bureau of
Investigation is currently investigating the shooting and will determine if the
police officers were in the wrong for this shooting or not.
If you know anything
about the shooting and have any information regarding the shooting of Rodney
Hess, please come forward for his family’s sake.
Watch the live video below:

By Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson is a self-employed writer who attended the University of Life and lives in Brilliant, OH.