Rihanna Poses for March Issue of Paper Magazine

Rihanna Poses For Paper Magazine
Rihanna Poses For Paper Magazine

Rihanna is on the March issue of Paper Magazine. They are calling it, “Breaking the Rules” and she sure knows how to do that, right? Especially with the way she does her hair different all the time and the different but really awesome clothes she wears.
Reports state Rihanna really broke the rules for her photoshoot for the March issue of Paper Magazine. She sported green, spiked hair and wore a bodega while posing for the camera by standing to one side and looking at the camera out of the corners of her eyes. This was an awesome photoshoot and one Rihanna should be proud of!
Paper Magazine tweeted about the photoshoot with Rihanna saying;
“It’s time to #BreakTheRules with @Rihanna the star of our March issue 
For this awesome shoot, Paper Magazine took some inspiration from Rihanna’s acting career and her ability to transform like a chameleon. You can see more pictures from her photoshoot with Paper Magazine by going here. Her photos are really great!
Fans of Rihanna also tweet their thoughts of Rihanna gracing the cover of Paper Magazine. Check out their tweets below:
One fan of Rihanna, @fentyy tweeted this,
Rihanna for Paper Magazine. Look at Rihanna doin the damn thing.”
Another fan, Bella Vita tweeted what she thought as well,
“Imagine being able to pull off any look. Rihanna can relate.”
What do you think about her being on the cover of Paper Magazine? First, she is named Humanitarian of the Year 2017 by Harvard University and now she graces the cover of Paper Magazine! What else can she accomplish? Only time will tell. Sound off with your opinions on this and let us know what you think!

By Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson is a self-employed writer who attended the University of Life and lives in Brilliant, OH.