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Ricardo Agnant – Maserati Ric, Miami Dolphins Con Artist

Ricardo Agnant aka “Maserati Ric” is the fake Miami Dolphins player who has been calling out black women.  We just found out that he’s been pretending to be in the NFL to date white women.  Ricardo has been doing this for more than three years.  In 2014, the con artist attended Miami’s Regional Combine although he didn’t play football in college.

The first step toward greatness is to be honest.  There’s nothing worse than a scam artist.  Agnant didn’t make the team but he took advantage of his NFL Regional Combine experience.  He photoshopped pictures of himself to convince people that he played for the Dolphins.

Ricardo Agnant Maserati Ric Miami Dolphins Con Artist
Ricardo Agnant Maserati Ric Miami Dolphins Con Artist

Ricardo Agnant says black women aren’t coachable

Washington Redskins player, Lynden Trail recently asked why black athletes with money choose to marry white women.  Ricardo decided to answer Lynden’s question:

Maserati Rick says that black women are from broken homes and they don’t know how to treat a man.  Women don’t respect liars.  Ricardo didn’t receive respect because he’s living a lie.  He is now hiding.  He deleted his social media accounts.  We’re hoping he ended all his relationships.

Ricardo explains that white women understand their roles and allow their man to lead.  Agnant will lead his woman to jail.  A lie may take care of the present but it has no future.  Ric claims that black women are uneducated because they think relationships should be 50/50.  Serve your partner 100% of the time and your relationship will flourish.

Maserati Ric took selfies at expensive car dealerships

You have to have an impressive car collection when your nickname is “Maserati Ric.” Ricardo never played in the NFL so he was unable to buy an expensive car.  The scam artist solved that problem by visiting luxury car dealerships and taking selfies in numerous expensive cars.  He then posted the pictures to his social media accounts.

By Jason John

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