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Recap of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: Sister Wives

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Sister Wives
Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Sister Wives
Is it sister wives or stripper sister wives? Did you watch? You couldn’t have missed this episode of love triangles with strippers and baby mamas and cheaters who didn’t wear a condom! The stripper sister wives is how Mimi Faust describes her ex-convict ex-boyfriend who is sleeping with two strippers, Keanna Arnold and Jasmine Washington.

In other news on the show, Jasmine supposedly had Kirk Frost’s baby and is raising it with Rod, her boyfriend, and her friend Keanna, who is also Rod’s girlfriend. Does Jasmine have a clue yet? Does Keanna have a clue yet? Maybe, maybe not but this is just some crazy soap opera love triangle.
And, things get worse yet because Kirk said he slept with both Kaleen and Jasmine. He is also married to Rasheeda. Now we know her husband is a cheater who didn’t wear a condom with either of them. Gross!
Rasheeda took off her wedding ring and sat it on the table, all while throwing some insults at him. He admitted to the cheating, though he doesn’t own up to the baby, and he said he was drunk when he did it. Typical!
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By Clarissa Wilson

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