Ranika Hall – Heather Meadows Death

Ranika Hall is the 25-year-old woman who died after a Brazilian butt lift.  She travelled to Miami, Florida for the surgery.  Ranika recently had a baby and she wasn’t happy with her body.  The incident is similar to the death of Heather Meadows.  She was the 29-year-old who died in 2016 at the same clinic Ranika went to.

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Like Ranika, Heather visited the clinic for a Brazilian butt lift.  Dr. Miami should step in and advise people of the dangers of plastic surgery.  Black market butt injections are ruining women’s lives yet females still want them.  We live in a society where Instagram likes rule the world and people are selling their souls for more double taps.

Ranika Hall Heather Meadows Death
Ranika Hall Heather Meadows Death

Ranika’s Mother Tried To Convince Her Not To Get The Surgery

Ranika’s mother, Nicole Hall, tried to convince Ranika not to get the surgery.  In Remy Ma’s diss song, “shETHER” the Bronx rapper calls Nicki Minaj out for promoting butt surgeries.  It’s important for the public to understand how dangerous the procedures are.  Ranika’s brothers and sisters also attempted to talk her out of the surgery but they were unsuccessful.

Hall Is The Second Woman, In Less Than A Year, To Die From A Butt-Lift At the Same Miami Plastic Surgery Clinic

Heather Meadows was 29-years-old when she passed away from her Brazilian butt-lift.  The clinic was called Encore Plastic Surgery when Meadows visited.  When Hall went to the clinic they had changed the name to Eres Plastic Surgery.  Clinics that perform surgeries like butt lifts shouldn’t be able to change their names.  If the clinic had the same name, Hall may have looked at reviews and changed her mind about the procedure.

Encore Plastic Surgery Is Known To Engage In Deceptive Practices

Encore has a reputation for taking part in deceptive practices.  The procedure is not necessary, making the fact that Ranika is gone very sad.  The people connected to these surgeries are typically money hungry, making it less likely for these tragedies to stop.  Moreover, the women who desire these procedures generally have confidence issues that make them want the surgeries by any means necessary.