Rah Ali Love and Hip Hop

Rah Ali Love and Hip Hop
Rah Ali Love and Hip Hop

Rah Ali, or Rashidah Ali from Love and Hip Hop New York is a puzzle no one can quite figure out. This is because we don’t see her very often on the show. That has changed, however, since she was on the show Monday of this past week and now she has an extended storyline. Not only this, but she hasn’t been tied to any rappers on the show romantically. This is usually how the females on the show are introduced. 
Here are a few things you didn’t know about Rah Ali.

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She Started as an Intern for the Shoe Industry

Although Ali started low on the shoe industry ladder as an intern, she has worked her way up to now being an assistant for musical legends including Have Pierre and Phil Robinson.

She is a Shoe Consultant to Celebrities

Ali has owned her own shoe boutiques in New York and Atlanta. She started in the shoe business young, at only 23-years-old. Now her client list includes Kim Kardashian and Alicia Keys. Ali even started her own shoe line called, Shoe Line.

She Spent Some Time in Jail

Rah Ali spent some time in jail. She got into a fight in a night club with a bouncer and used a razor blade to slash his face. She was arrested for this and spent a little bit of time in jail until she posted $10,000 bail and got out. Although she was facing up to 25-years in prison, the charges have been completely dropped since this happened.

She Almost Spent Time for Grand Larceny

After the charges were dropped for slashing that bouncer at the night club, she racked up a bill at a hotel and was convicted of Grand Larceny and ended up with probation instead of spending time in jail for it.
Did you know any of these facts about Rah Ali? If we missed something, post it in the comments below to let us know!