Queen Latifah Foxy Brown – Diss Track

Listen to Queen Latifah’s Foxy Brown diss track by scroll to the end of this article.  After Foxy heard Remy Ma’s “shETHER” the rapper quickly hit the studio.  Days after she delivered a baby girl she recorded “Breaks Over” a Remy Ma diss track.  The record reminded hip-hop heads of Queen Latifah’s beef with Foxy Brown in the late 90s.

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The song at the end of this post is Queen Latifah’s response to Foxy Brown’s song “10% Dis.” Queen Latifah’s track, “Name Callin’ Part 2” features the rapper delivering lyrics over numerous classic beats.  The beef started after Foxy Brown called Queen Latifah out for being gay.  Queen Latifah is a private person and she didn’t appreciate Foxy airing her out.

Queen Latifah Foxy Brown Diss Track
Queen Latifah Foxy Brown Diss Track

Foxy Brown didn’t like Queen Latifah’s advances so the New York emcee put the rapper on blast.  Latifah’s first diss track, “Name Callin” was featured on the Set It Off soundtrack.  The image above shows Queen Latifah sporting those infamous braids.  In 1996 she played Cleopatra “Cleo” Sims in the crime action film.

Foxy Brown – “10% Dis”

Foxy first claimed that Queen Latifah would check her out when they saw each other in public.  Later, Foxy questioned Latifah’s sexuality.  In her “10% Dis” track, Foxy takes multiple shots at the New Jersey native.  Being gay in the 90s was a much bigger deal than it is now, explaining why Queen Latifah didn’t want anyone to know.

The track is not new.  Hip-hop fans wanted to hear Nicki Minaj respond to “shETHER” and now they’re doing anything to keep some beef going.  The Star TV show got Queen Latifah back in the recording studio.  While her lyrics are more positive than they were in the 90s, there’s no denying her talent.

Check out Queen Latifah’s track “Gooder Than A Mother”:

It’s not quite UNITY but it’s still on point.  Here’s Queen Latifah’s Foxy Brown diss track, “Name Callin Part 2”: