Penny From 600 lb Life – Update 2017

Penny Seager appeared on season 2 of My 600-lb Life.  She was bedridden for over four years and moved from Maryland to Texas to see Dr. Nowzaradan.  In 2015, My 600-lb Life Where Are They Now provided an update on Penny.  The episode showed Penny lying about her weight.  Her counselor told her to be honest but she’s too ashamed.

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Penny gained weight after having weight loss surgery

After Penny’s surgery, she decided to follow her own diet and failed to lose any weight.  Weight loss surgery is generally effective but patients don’t always lose the weight they expect to lose.  Patients must be committed for the surgery to be effective.  Penny is addicted to food and wasn’t able to follow through with the program.

Penny From 600 lb Life Update
Penny From 600 lb Life Update 2017

Penny refuses to eat healthy

Penny needed to change her diet but she couldn’t do it.  The doctor advised her to stop eating egg whites and start eating whole eggs but she refused.  When we met Penny, we found out that she had spent more than four years in her hospital bed.  After the surgery, she needed to start exercising but she didn’t.  The only walking Penny did was from her hospital bed to her wheelchair.
Penny continues to use an oxygen machine and her health isn’t getting better.

Dr. Now is still willing to help Penny lose weight

Penny has shown that she doesn’t listen to advice yet Dr. Now is still willing to help her.  It’s easy to give up on people who don’t wants to help themselves.  Dr. Now has plenty of patients and doesn’t need Penny’s money.  He’s still willing to help Penny.  He says that he will work with her if she returns.
What do you think about Penny’s progress? Should she try to have a second surgery? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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