Mary-Kate and Ashley Lawsuit – Olsen Net Worth 2017

Mary Kate And Ashley Lawsuit Olsen Net Worth 2017
Mary Kate And Ashley Lawsuit Olsen Net Worth 2017

The Olsen Twins have done a lot while growing up to make their money. They both starred on the hit show back in the 90s, ‘Full House’ as baby Michelle. You might also remember their books, ‘The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’ which most of us read vigorously. They even had their own clothing line that was sold at WalMart.

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Now the twins are fashion queens and, as of this year 2017, they are worth a whopping $300 million. However, according to E! Online they have now been sued for $140,000 in a class action lawsuit they have already paid up. $140,000 is pocket change to them, though.
About 40 past and present interns who were involved with Dualstar Entertainment Group who released the twins’ movie, ‘In a New York Minute’ brought on the lawsuit. They were also involved with their fashion line and other films the twins played in.
The reason for the lawsuit brought on by these 40 some interns is because they said they were either not paid or underpaid when they worked extra hours for the twins during the release of their movies and their clothing lines in which these interns worked for the twins. They were paid minimum wage and said they deserved more. The twins paid their class-action settlement, of course.
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