Nicki Minaj – Love And Hip Hop

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fan, Nicki Minaj will definitely have plenty to say about Kirk Frost this season.  In the super trailer at the end of this post, we see Kirk’s wife, Rasheeda calling him out for cheating.  The tweets below show that Nicki has been calling Kirk out for years.  In 2013, we watched Kirk break Rasheeda’s heart and Nicki wasn’t having it.

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Nicki calls Kirk out for making Rasheeda look like an idiot after 15 years of marriage.  No child wants to hear about their father cheating on their mother.  Nicki’s ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, put her through a similar situation.  Meek Mill informed Nicki that Safaree was cheating on her.  Nicki dumped Safaree and started dating Meek.

Nicki Minaj Love And Hip Hop
Nicki Minaj Love And Hip Hop

Safaree appeared on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s third season.  He was in a relationship with Nikki Mudarris but she cheated on him with Rosa Acosta.  Karma is real.  Those who hurt others end up getting hurt.

In the tweet below, Nicki calls Kirk out for disrespecting Rasheeda.  We’re hoping she calls him out this season.  We’re not sure why Rasheeda didn’t leave Kirk a long time ago.

Nicki is about that life when it comes to standing up for women.  She dares Kirk to say the situation isn’t her business considering the fact it’s on VH1.

While Nicki was more than willing to speak out against Kirk, the Young Money rapper doesn’t want anything to do with Remy Ma.  Beefing with Remy Ma will only benefit Remy Ma’s career.  Nicki is on another level and doesn’t have time for Remy’s child play.
In the following video, Wendy Williams shares some hilarious Nicki Minaj Remy Ma memes:

Nicki didn’t acknowledge Remy Ma’s first diss track so Remy decided to release another one:

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