New Edition – Net Worth 2018

BET’s The New Edition Story was difficult to watch.  This article provides the net worth of each of the group’s members.  The mini-series revealed how much money the group was cheated out of.  New Edition toured the nation just to find out they were broke.  Their mothers fought hard but it wasn’t enough.

Ricky Bell

Ricky Bell is worth $16 million.  The mini-series showed the singer’s hard times.  He lost his house and he was addicted to drugs.  “Slick” worked hard to change his life around.  In the late 1980s, Ricky teamed up with Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe to form Bell Biv DeVoe.  The trio recently released a new album: Three Stripes.

New Edition Net Worth 2017
New Edition Net Worth 2017

Listen to some of New Edition’s best songs of all-time:

Michael Bivins

Michael Bivins is worth $40 million.  The mini-series showed that he was teased for being one of the least talented members of the group.  Bivins loved basketball and thought twice before signing the group’s initial contract.  He ended up signing it and has been making power moves ever since.  He founded numerous successful groups, including Boyz II Men and 702.

Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown is worth $2.5 million.  He was arguably the group’s most talented members but he just didn’t listen.  Each member of New Edition grew up in a single parent household.  Bobby’s mother tried to control his behavior but Bobby doesn’t follow anyone’s rules.  The mini-series showed that he was selling drugs during the climax of his career.

Ronnie DeVoe

Ronnie DeVoe is worth $600,000.  He was a member of the trio Bell Biv DeVoe and his uncle, Brooke Payne, was the group’s founder, manager and choreographer.  Bobby nearly killed Ronnie’s uncle with his crazy behavior.  Brown interrupted one of the group’s shows and Brooke ended up suffering a heart attack.

Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill is currently worth $10 million.  In the late 1980s, Gill was added to the group.  Michael Bivins heard Ralph Tresvant was leaving so he recruited Johnny.  Johnny’s singing career started when he was only 5-years-old.  The Washington D.C. native started as a gospel singer before transitioning to R&B.

Ralph Tresvant

Ralph Tresvant is worth $8 million.  In the mid-1990s, the singer had a recording studio built in his house.  The singer has also appeared in several movies.  In 2004, he played Jake in Barbershop Blues and in 2006, he played Sonny in Triple Cross.  In his most recent role, Ralph played Sam Cooke in the 2014 film, Get On Up.

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