My 600-lb Life – Tracey

My 600-lb Life season 5, episode 12 featured Tracey.  Her extreme weight is in her misshapen legs.  She lives in Ohio where her husband, Anthony, helps her do everything.  Pasta is Tracey’s weakness.  It’s difficult for her to eat healthy while Anthony continues to enjoy pasta.  Anthony gets frustrated towards the end of the episode.

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Tracey suffers from lymphedema

Lymphedema is a collection of high-protein fluid beneath the skin.  Tracey suffers from a severe case of lymphedema and visits a specialist.  She has her legs measured before the doctor comes in.  He points out the redness in her legs and tells her she has to eat with her legs up.  She also has to manage the amount of sodium she consumes.
My 600-lb Life Tracey
My 600-lb Life Tracey

Tracey visits the doctor and finds out she weighs 605 pounds because of all the fluid in her legs.  She’s very disappointed because she was hoping that she weighed less than 600 pounds.  

My 600-lb Life Tracey
My 600-lb Life Tracey

Tracey had a bad flare up of cellulitis

Like James K, Tracey suffers from cellulitis.  The fluid in her legs weighs about 350 pounds yet her upper body is normal.  If her condition continues to get worse she’ll die.  The doctor puts her on a high protein diet.  He wants her to lose 50 pounds within the first month so she can be a candidate for surgery.  He explains that she will require multiple surgeries.

She takes medicine to try to get over her cellulitis.  She’s stuck in bed and can’t move her legs.  She tries to stick to her diet but she feels sick.  She initially doesn’t think she’ll be able to travel back to Houston.  Her cellulitis goes away but keeps coming back.  Anthony is worried because she has had it before but it has never been this bad.

Tracey loses 88 pounds but still can’t get surgery

The doctor tells Tracey that she has to eat protein or her condition will continue to worsen.  She cheats and puts hot sauce on her food.  Tracey has also been eating rice and apple sauce.  Her infection last for about 2 months.  Tracey and Anthony end up moving to Houston.  
She complains about her apartment because it has a long hallway.  Anthony cannot fit in the bed with her.  He loves her so much that he offers to sleep in the van.  She weighed 605 pounds during her first doctor visit and loses 88 pounds.  She now weights 517 pounds but she’s still unable to get surgery.
She loses 20 pounds per month and is hoping to qualify for the next step in the process.  She qualifies for her first surgery.