Monica Smith Remy Ma – Instagram

Monica Smith, Remy Ma’s former best friend, passed away on April 9, 2016.  Remy posted a picture of her on Instagram.  Monica would have celebrated a birthday on March 4.  Smith was a Pisces and Remy says they think they’re always right.  They were friends for over two decades.  Remy and Monica met while they were in elementary school.

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Monica’s cause of death was cancer.  Remy Ma explains that she was beautiful when they were young and she was still beautiful as she got sicker.  It’s great to see Remy Ma take a break from her beef with Nicki Minaj to send Monica birthday wishes.

Monica Smith Remy Ma Instagram
Monica Smith Remy Ma Instagram

Remy has been through it all.  It can be very difficult to lose a friend to cancer.  We recently watched Remy suffer a miscarriage on Love and Hip Hop.  Her and Papoose broke our hearts.  Remy mentions Papoose in the following video.  Him and Monica are both Pisces.  Papoose’s birthday is one day after Monica’s, March 5.

A couple hours ago I lost my Best Friend to a horrible disease that there is “allegedly” no cure for. We have been friends for over 25 years; we met as kids still in elementary school. We have been hungry together, & homeless together & we have experienced child birth together & traveled around the world together. It was a time growing up when I thought she was the prettiest girl in the world; she really was beautiful, & even as she got sicker she remained beautiful to me because she had such a beautiful heart & spirit. I can’t imagine what my Goddaughter feels right now but if it’s 1% of like how I feel, she is devastated. I saw my friend 6 days ago and we talked just like always but I knew our time was limited. I drove 4 hours to see her & promised I’d be back this week. Unfortunately, I had to do press for 3 days straight and I called her lovely sister at 4:30am explaining how I would come straight there tonight after my performance in Connecticut… I’m still going, she just won’t be there when I get there. I can’t believe she is gone. I love you Monica, always & forever. I watched this video so many times. I don’t even know what to say. But if you have someone you love don’t put off going to be by their side for NOTHING no matter how important that thing may seem cuz there is no guarantee that they will be there when u finally arrive. 🙏🏾 #MonicaDeniseSmith #GodBlessHer #LoveYouMani #ThankYouCordesha 😘
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The video above is very sad.  Monica looks very sick as her and Remy explain how much they love each other.

Remy explains that Pisces are annoying but they’ll love you to death.  We saw how much Papoose loves Remy throughout season 6 of Love and Hip Hop.  Remy decided to fire him as her manager and Pap respected her wishes.  During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Remy explains why Pap is so sweet.

Papoose’s parents set a positive example for him, inspiring him to get married and treat his wife right.  While we witness Peter Gunz disrespect the women in his life, Papoose treated Remy like a queen.

It doesn’t look like Remy will be able to stay focused on the things that actually matter.  During a recent interview with Wendy Williams, Remy explains that she’s not making any additional comments about her beef with Nicki Minaj.
The above tweet explains that Foxy Brown has crept into Remy’s beef with Nicki.  Should Remy respond to Foxy Brown’s “Breaks Over” diss track? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.