Meek Mill – Arrested? Locked Up? Charged?

Meek Mill Arrested Locked Up Charged
Meek Mill Arrested Locked Up Charged
Meek Mill is in trouble again. According to reports, he has been arrested and charged with assault for getting into a fight with an employee at the St. Louis International Airport. Apparently, Meek got really mad about an airport employee trying to take a picture and not only did he get in trouble with the law but two of the airport employees got charged with assault as well.

Although the two airport employees and Meek were only charged with misdemeanor assault, Meek will have to go in front of a judge for his assault charge. However, the problem here is, he is already on probation. He already violated it once in 2015 but got out of having to serve any time in jail since he did house arrest for six months. He also had to stay on probation for an additional six years in order to stay out of jail.
Although since he has been on probation he has stayed out of trouble until now, the probation he has been on for a while hasn’t stopped him from getting into feuds with other rappers. Apparently, he has been feuding with The Game. Not only this, but The Game started their feud up again just a few weeks ago by dissing Meek on Instagram, which you can read about here.
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By Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson is a self-employed writer who attended the University of Life and lives in Brilliant, OH.