Matt Jordan VS. Todd Tucker and Peter Thomas – RHOA Fight

Matt Jordan is at it again and this time in addition to putting Kenya Moore on the spot, he is throwing his ex frenemies Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker under the bus. Recently the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion was taped and Jordan claims that he was supposed to get a $10,000 payday from his on screen love interest Kenya but it didn’t happen.

Matt Jordan Vs. Todd Tucker And Peter Thomas RHOA Fight
Matt Jordan Vs. Todd Tucker And Peter Thomas RHOA Fight

The personal trainer, who has already moved on to a new girlfriend, then proceeded to say that it was none other than Todd and Peter who coached him on getting money out of Moore. In a video obtained by, Matt explains that the two told him that he needs to ask Kenya to pay him 10% of what she makes like Kandi and Cynthia pay them because Matt is Kenya’s whole story line.

It doesn’t stop there. Matt goes on to reveal that Todd and Peter faked being friends with him and when he tried to reach out to them he didn’t get the response he expected. Jordan claims that Todd just stopped taking his calls and Peter promised him a VIP table at his club but then ignored him when he went to take him up on the offer. Poor little tink tink.

Anyways, Peter took to Instagram to call Matt soft and Todd claimed that Matt was “in his feelings.” Matt, being the hothead that he is, threatened to slap both of them in a post that is now deleted.

Who do you believe?