Mariah Carey Hairdresser Arrested!

The people that Mariah Carey surrounds herself with always seem to find their self in the spotlight. From Mariah’s cougar relationship-turned-marriage with Nick Cannon (that brought her two of the most beautiful children in the world), to her failed billionaire tycoon engagement debacle, and now her Jennifer Lopez/Britney Spears romance with a cute back up dancer, Mariah’s star power seems to put everyone she touches into their 15 minutes of fame. This time it’s her hairdresser’s turn for headlines and Mariah has nothing to do with it. 

Mariah Carey Hairdresser Arrested
Mariah Carey Hairdresser Arrested

Danielle Priano. the woman responsible for the upkeep of Mariah’s luscious locks, was arrested for the possession of LOADS of prescription pills. On February 12, Danielle was detained at Buffalo Niagara International Airport after police obtained a search warrant to check her purse and duffel bag that ended up being filled with over 400 pills that included Adderall, oxycodone, hydrocodone, Xanax and a Suboxone strip (which is used to treat addiction). Homegirl was basically walking around with her very own CVS Pharmacy!

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According to TMZ, Danielle was charged with four counts of possession of a controlled substance and pled not guilty to all four counts. She was quite a character on “Mariah’s World”, clashing with Mariah’s manager at times who was also feisty. Her story line was that she got let go by Mariah’s manager but Mariah loves the way that she does her hair so she was brought back. Little did the “Butterfly” singer know that Danielle was flying dirty. Check out her mug shot below.