Madison Sueann Dickson – Dash Cam Video, Facebook, Tulsa Police Run Over Suspect

The dash cam video at the end of this article shows Madison Sueann Dickson get run over by a police car.  The Tulsa Police Department was searching for Dickson for days because of her involvement in multiple shootings.  The 21-year-old fired rounds at a police car while attempting to get away.  Police say Madison shot a man in his head.

Madison Dickson had ties to the Irish Mob

KJRH reports that Madison started using drugs when she was a teen.  A few years ago, she tried to change her life and stop abusing drugs.  Madison was successful at first but then she met members of the Irish Mob and started doing drugs again.  Investigators say the man who drove her during the police pursuit was a member of the Irish Mob.

Three months before the incident, Madison had been sober for over a year.  She was living at a treatment facility but then she dropped out.

Madison Sueann Dickson Dash Cam Video Facebook
Madison Sueann Dickson Dash Cam Video Facebook


The following Facebook video shows Madison get run over by a police car.  Running over her wasn’t enough.  You can hear the officer demanding for Madison to show him her hands.  If Madison still had the gun she could have killed the police officer.

Do you think the police officer had to run her over? She was shooting at the vehicle yet a basketball court is seen to the right of her.  Children could have been playing in the area.

Police were chasing Madison because she shot a man in his head on March 16, 2017.  The next day, she shot a woman in her arm.

Jonathan Grafton is the officer who used his police car to run Madison over.  The officer is now on administrative leave.  He shouldn’t have any problems justifying his actions.  Madison was a serious threat and she was shooting as his vehicle.



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