Lovely Mimi Husband – Remy Skinner

Lovely Mimi appeared onLove and Hip-Hop Atlanta last night. Did you watch? If you did, you watched the
making of history since Lovely Mimi is the first Asian female to appear on the

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Lovely Mimi got famous online
by posting funny videos and sharing them on social media. She has many, many
followers. Lovely Mimi currently has one million Instagram followers! Wow,
According to Starcasm, Lovely Mimi’s husband,
Remy Skinner is getting Internet famous a little also. He actually recently let
slip on his own Instagram account a big reveal he has coming. He said Mimi’s
fans will have to wait to find out the big reveal he has! 

Lovely Mimi Husband Remy Skinner
Lovely Mimi Husband Remy Skinner
He posted the following
on Instagram:
“Stay tuned to see
wifey! She will be on the third episode so 1 down, 2 to go.”
Everyone who knows and
follows Lovely Mimi knows her entire family is completely dedicated to social
media. They are addicts when it comes to social media! Mimi actually has three
separate Instagram accounts. One for personal use and it is: @itslovelymimi and two other ones including @mimilovelynails and
@mimiultraviolet. The last two are her accounts to showcase her beauty salon. 
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Lovely Mimi appearing on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta? Sound off with your
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