Louis Tomlinson Arrested at LAX After Altercation with the Paparazzi

Louis Tomlinson Arrested At LAX
Louis Tomlinson Arrested At LAX

Friday night after arriving at LAX after getting off a flight from Las Vegas, Louis Tomlinson, and on-again, off again, girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, One Direction’s Tomlinson got into an altercation with the Paparazzi and was arrested. 
According to reports, Tomlinson was standing there waiting for his luggage to come off of baggage claim when a photographer from the Paparazzi and other photographers surrounded Tomlinson and his girlfriend. There was some pushing and shoving and the Paparazzi photographer fell to the floor and claimed he was hurt.

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Because of the photographer falling down and saying he was hurt, Louis was placed under a citizen’s arrest right away under a misdemeanor charge of simple battery.
According to Tomlinson’s lawyer, it was the photographer’s fault and not Louis’s. The lawyer said the photographer from the Paparazzi provoked the altercation with Tomlinson. Not only this but while Tomlinson was distracted with this altercation, his girlfriend was attacked by three other people. Tomlinson came to her defense.
Reports state that Tomlinson was taken into police custody and held under a $20,000 bond. However, he was finally released an hour after posting the bond. He is to appear in court later this month.
Also, according to reports, Calder, Tomlinson’s girlfriend got into a confrontation with a female witness who started filming the whole thing. However, she was not arrested and has not said anything about this confrontation.

Tomlinson and his on-again and off-again girlfriend, Eleanor Calder dated for four years before breaking up for a while in 2015. After interacting together on Instagram last month, they started rumors of getting back together. However, neither Tomlinson or Calder have commented the status of their current relationship yet.