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Lil Scrappy Dad, Bambi – 2017 Update

Lil Scrappy dad, Darryl Sr. made an appearance on the fourth episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season, “In With The New.” Momma Dee meets with Bambi Benson and finds out that the wedding might be off.  Scrappy and Bambi are having serious relationship problems so Momma Dee calls Scrappy’s father.

Scrappy’s father and stepmother are both marriage counselors

Darryl Sr. wants to work with Scrappy and Bambi to try to find some resolutions.  Scrappy is surprised that his mother and father were able to come together to try to help him.  Scrappy explains that he loves Bambi and it hurts him that their relationship isn’t working.  Darryl Sr. says that relationships are a process and Bambi agrees.

Lil Scrappy Dad Bambi 2017 Update
Lil Scrappy Dad Bambi 2017 Update

Bambi reveals that she’s willing to work out her problems with Scrappy but he runs away.  The rapper is staying at a hotel but says he isn’t cheating on Bambi.  Scrappy explains that people don’t change overnight.

Bambi’s grandmother passed away and Scrappy went to Miami

Scrappy claims that he has been there for Bambi more than anyone has ever been.  He says that Bambi doesn’t appreciate what he does for her.  Bambi can’t believe Scrappy thinks that and calls him delusional.  She reveals that the rapper went to Miami after her grandmother died.
Scrappy says he stayed with Bambi for 4 or 5 days before he went to Miami.  Bambi claims that Scrappy was chasing women in Miami.  Scrappy loses his cool and says that he leaves because he doesn’t want to argue.

Lil Scrappy Dad Bambi 2017
Lil Scrappy Dad Bambi 2017
Darryl Sr. interrupts Scrappy and Bambi’s argument and asks, “This is what you all do every day?” Scrappy and Bambi both say “Yes.” Scrappy’s stepmother, Mrs. Debbie Richardson explains that the couple has communication problems and they’re constantly attacking each other like cats and dogs. 

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