Lambo Rod – #LHHATL

In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 6, episode 3, “Sister Wives” we learn new details about Lambo Rod’s personal life.  Rodney “Rod” Bullock is a freak.  We first see him kiss Jasmine Washington, Kirk’s new baby mama.  She explains that having Kirk’s baby hurt Rod more than she thought it would.  We then find out about Rod’s other girlfriend, Keanna Arnold.

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Lambo Rod Is In A Three-Way Relationship

After we see Rod kiss Jasmine, we see him roll over and kiss his other girlfriend, Keanna.  Jasmine explains that they’re in a unconventional relationship.  Rod met Keanna first but when he met Jasmine he fell in love.  Jasmine says all hell broke loose when she found out about Keanna.  They ultimately decided to try something new.

Lambo Rod #LHHATL
Lambo Rod #LHHATL

Rod’s negotiation skills are on point or Jasmine and Keanna are idiots.  Jasmine says she likes girls and guys making it easier for the relationship to work.  The last time Love and Hip Hop tried to force a three-way relationship on viewers it didn’t work.  Ray J advised Safaree to demand Nikki Baby and Rosa Acosta but the ladies weren’t feeling it.

The Three-Way Relationship Was Originally Rod’s Idea

Keanna explains that her, Jasmine and Rod’s relationship initially worked.  She could have left him after finding out about Jasmine but Rod convinced her that they should all live together as one happy family.  Keanna and Jasmine stopped getting along after Rod went to jail.  Jasmine says they got petty after Rod got locked up.

Lambo Rod #LHHATL
Lambo Rod #LHHATL

Keanna Was In A Relationship With Kirk

Rod is not the only man Keanna and Jasmine share.  Keanna explains that she got with Kirk while Rod was in jail.  She didn’t know that Kirk was in a relationship with Jasmine.  When Rasheeda finds out that Kirk was messing with Keanna and Jasmine she won’t be happy.  Do you think Keanna’s telling the truth about her previous relationship with Kirk? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.