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Kirk Frost Baby With Side Chick – 10 Facts

In tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, we’ll meet Jasmine’s bae, Rodney Bullock.  #LHHATL hit the jackpot with this storyline.  It appeals to anyone who has been cheated on.  I feel sorry for Rasheeda.  The boss chick isn’t letting the situation both her:

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We love the fact that she’s making sure her kids are still enjoying the good life despite Kirk’s mistakes.

Kirk Frost’s side chick, Jasmine Washington, stole the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiere when she revealed that Kirk Frost is her baby daddy.  Jasmine was having a conversation with Yung Joc at Joseline Hernandez’s masquerade ball when Karlie Redd interrupts.  It wasn’t difficult for Karlie to get Jasmine to spill all of Kirk’s tea.  Here’s 10 facts we found out about Kirk’s baby and side chick.

10. Jasmine Washington Is Dating Mimi Faust’s Ex-Boyfriend, Rodney Bullock

Karlie thinks that Jasmine is one of Yung Joc’s side chicks but she’s wrong.  Joc explains that Jasmine is dating Rodney Bullock, one of Joc’s close friends.  Rodney has worked with Joc throughout his music career.  Rodney and Kirk have a very unique relationship that we’ll learn about later in the season.

Kirk Frost Baby With Side Chick
Kirk Frost Baby With Side Chick

9. Jasmine Gave Birth To Kannon Mekhi Washington While Rodney Was In Federal Prison

Jasmine reveals that she gave birth to Kannon while Rodney was locked up.  Karlie is confused.  Jasmine explains that Rodney’s not Kannon’s father.  She claims that Kirk Frost is Kannon’s father.  The allegation is true.  Kirk cheated on Rasheeda and had a baby with Jasmine while he was married.

8. Jasmine Revealed The Truth Because There’s Never A Right Time

Jasmine says that she didn’t plan to reveal the truth at Joseline’s party but she decided to because there’s never a right time.  Revealing the secret on a reality TV series was a bold move.  At some point, reality stars have to consider the fact that their children will see this content in the future.

7. Kirk Claims That He Doesn’t Know Jasmine

When Kirk gets to Joseline’s event, Yung Joc tries to tell him what was happened.  When Jasmine starts calling Kirk out about the baby, Kirk claims that he doesn’t know Jasmine.  There’s nothing worse than a cheater who continue to lie after he gets caught.  Kirk should have told Rasheeda the truth as soon as he found out that Jasmine was pregnant.

6. Jasmine Claims That Kirk Has Been To Her House

Jasmine spills all Kirk’s tea, leaving him speechless.  She reveals that Kirk has been to her house.  In the season 6 trailer we hear Karlie explaining that Jasmine lived in a lower level of one of Kirk and Rasheeda’s old buildings.  Kirk was doing the absolute most.  Rasheeda is always busy with the kids and Kirk took advantage of that.

5. Kirk Was At The Hospital When Jasmine Gave Birth To Kannon

Jasmine claims that Kirk was by her side while she gave birth to Kannon.  Details like this make me believe her.  Kirk is a liar and Rasheeda needs to file for divorce.  In the trailer for this season of #LHHATL we see Rasheeda’s mother advising Kirk to file for divorce.  I don’t think Rasheeda wants to ruin the storyline.  Everyone knows Jasmine is Kirk’s baby mama.  Please divorce him Rasheeda!

4. Kirk Gives Jasmine Money To Help Support Kannon

Jasmine claims that Kirk gives her money to support their son.  Rasheeda won’t be happy to find out about Kirk using the money they earned together to support his love child.  Rodney is involved.  If Rod is half as evil as Mimi Faust claims, he could be using the money Kirk gives Jasmine for Kannon.

3. Kirk Tells Rasheeda That He May Know Jasmine From A Strip Club

First, Kirk claims that he doesn’t recognize Jasmine.  When he gets home and starts explaining the situation to Rasheeda he changes his story.  He tells her that he may have seen Jasmine at a strip club.  There’s no doubt that Kirk knows Jasmine.  When he sees her at Joseline’s party he seems to warn her not to spill anymore of his tea.  

2. Kirk Claims He Has Never Had Sex With Jasmine

Kirk tells Rasheeda that he never had sex with Jasmine.  Rasheeda gives her husband a chance to tell the truth and he lies.  Cheating on your wife and having a baby is bad enough.  Why does Kirk continue to tell lies? We’re glad Rasheeda sees right through all his dishonesty.  He’ll most likely change his story and claim that he started dealing with Jasmine after him and Rasheeda began going through problems.

1. Kirk Sweats When He Lies

When Kirk starts explaining the situation to Rasheeda, it’s obvious he’s lying.  You know what they say: If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.  Rasheeda needs to kick Kirk out the house as soon as possible.  Jasmine is the only woman we know about.  Kirk most likely has additional side chicks.
Kirk Frost Sweating
Kirk Frost Sweating

Kirk couldn’t handle the stress.  We hope this somehow turns out to be a lie like Stevie J’s situation with Promise B. Mae but we don’t think Jasmine would have filed court documents if she was lying.

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