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Kirk And Rasheeda – Divorce?

Kirk and Rasheeda have not divorced.  The couple is still together.  Rasheeda says she’s thinking about divorcing Kirk but she hasn’t made a final decision.  Rasheeda is standing by Kirk and we’re not sure why.  The baby may not be Kirk’s but there’s no doubt about Kirk cheating on Rasheeda.  Kirk slept with Jasmine but there’s no paternity test to prove that the baby is his.

Like Joseline Hernandez, it doesn’t look like we’ll find out who the father of Jasmine’s baby is anytime soon.  Kirk could get a paternity test to clear up the rumors yet he hasn’t done so.  If Kirk really is Kannon’s father do you think Rasheeda would have already divorced him? Is she sending the wrong message to young women who look up to her?

Kirk And Rasheeda Divorce?

When Rasheeda And Kirk Were Good They Didn’t Get Screen Time

Last season, we didn’t see Rasheeda and Kirk because they were in a “good place.” Drama and sex sell in the world of Love and Hip Hop.  No one wants to watch a couple that isn’t experiencing problems.  Papoose and Remy Ma have a great relationship that no one cared about until Remy Ma’s miscarriage.  

Is Yung Joc The Father?

Karlie Redd is seen beating Yung Joc with a pillow in the next episode of #LHHATL.  Yung Joc tells Karlie that he’s glad Kirk’s Kannon’s father because he also had sex with Jasmine.  If Kirk’s not the father, do you think Yung Joc’s Kannon’s father? The situation forces us to consider how real Love and Hip Hop actually is.

Is Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Fake?

Love and Hip Hop‘s cameramen must have perfect timing.  They were able to catch the moment when Jasmine decided to spill Kirk’s tea at Joseline’s party.  VH1 hit the jackpot aka the series is scripted.  The reality stars could be dealing with situations similar to the ones they deal with in the series but there’s no doubt that the show is scripted.

By Jason John

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