Khia, Papoose And Remy Ma

Khia Papoose And Remy Ma
Khia Papoose And Remy Ma
Wow! Khia really wants her a** beat by Remy Ma, doesn’t she? She keeps trolling Remy Ma about her hubby Papoose on social media. Guess the feud between Remy and Nicki Minaj isn’t enough and Khia has to stick her nose in their business too. Only, she is sticking her nose in Remy Ma’s business and not Nicki’s.
It seems that Khia has a major thing for Remy’s hubby, Papoose. Because of this, Remy is going to end up going after her next. Forget the feud between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj because now there is going to be a huge fight between Remy Ma and Khia.
What happened was this: Khia posted a picture of her on Instagram wearing  t-shirt with Papoose’s name on it. Wow! Some nerve this woman has to do this to Remy Ma! Why can’t she find a man that isn’t already taken, right? For real!

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Khia is even running her mouth saying that Remy Ma isn’t satisfying her hubby right. In fact, she posted on Instagram with a hashtag that said this: 
Wow! What is that for, right?
Not only this, but she has a message for Remy Ma that says:
“Please just pap the mic.” It was a message for Remy but she is really saying it to Papoose because she also posted the hashtag with this that said: #thebestrapperoutofthetwo
What nerve she has to say this trash to Remy about her man!
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