Keke Wyatt Kids – Pregnant 2017

What?? KeKe Wyatt is pregnant with her ninth child? According to reports, she is already showing as she strutted her stuff walking down the red carpet. It seems she is already six months pregnant. And, she said she and her hubby may not be done after this one either. According to Keke, she is not fixed and neither is her husband so you just never know what will happen! Congratulations are in order for Keke and hubby!

Reports state that Keke was talking about how she spends time with all eight of her children and how number nine will be raised too. Keke said she and hubby make sure that each child has their own time with mommy and daddy separate and together. That is awesome but must be a lot of hard work too! In fact, Keke says this is how they do it: child/mommy time, child/daddy time, and child/mommy/daddy time. Each kid gets to spend time with mommy and daddy together and apart. That is really cool!

KeKe Wyatt Kids Pregnant 2017
KeKe Wyatt Kids Pregnant 2017
What do you think about Keke being pregnant with her ninth baby? Don’t you think it is great how she
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By Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa Wilson is a self-employed writer who attended the University of Life and lives in Brilliant, OH.