Keke Palmer and Soulja Boy Clash on Social Media: Things Get Real Between Them

Keke Palmer And Soulja Boy
Keke Palmer And Soulja Boy
In case you might have missed it, things are getting real between Keke Palmer and Soulja Boy on social media. Keke Palmer posted a bunch of boat emojis on social media about the Yachty beef. These two used to be friends at one time and now they are threatening each other on social media for everyone to see!
Keke started it by adding the boat emojis from their Yachty dispute that happened all the way back in October. Talk about not holding a grudge against someone!
After Keke posted thoseemojis on social media, Soulja Boy fired back saying that she better not post another boat emoji or things were going to get real between them. I say things are already getting real between them. What do you think?

Soulja Boy also said if she didn’t delete what she posted, he would expose her. What do you think about this fight going on between these one-time friends? Don’t you think they are being a little petty toward each other? Sound off with your opinions on this and let everyone know what you think! Don’t be shy! Keke and Soulja Boy sure aren’t shy at all about how they feel toward each other.