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Kannon Mekhi Washington – Kirk Frost And Jasmine’s Son

Kannon Mekhi Washington is Kirk Frost’s love child.  In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s season 6 premiere, “Who’s Your Daddy” we meet Kannon’s mother, Jasmine Washington.  She puts Kirk on full blast, revealing that he’s Kannon’s father.  We can all learn a valuable lesson from Kirk Frost: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Kirk will have to face the consequences of his decisions sooner or later.  Lying to Rasheeda when he got home from Joseline’s event was a horrible mistake.  Jasmine claims that Kirk told her that he was planning to divorce his wife.  Kirk’s excuse will most likely involve all the issues him and Rasheeda were going through.

Kannon Mekhi Washington
Kannon Mekhi Washington Kirk Frost And Jasmine’s Son

Kirk will claim that he had sex with Jasmine during one of his breaks with Rasheeda.  He should have filed for divorce if he had plans to have sex with other women.  Kirk was having unprotected sex with Rasheeda and Jasmine.  Please divorce him Rasheeda!

The tweet above reminds us how beautiful Rasheeda is.  What was Kirk Frost thinking? She’s not only beautiful she’s a businesswoman who loves to hustle.  Rasheeda doesn’t settle for average, that’s why she’s constantly trying to work on her relationship with Kirk.  Rasheeda is too advanced for Kirk.

Rasheeda has been trying to upgrade Kirk for years and it hasn’t worked.  He has confidence issues, explaining his desire to cheat.  While Stevie J cheats because he’s a player, Kirk cheats because he wants to feel like a player.

The tweet above shows how happy fans were to finally see Kirk get caught red handed.  There’s no getting out of this one.  Kirk has not only ruined his marriage he’s ruined his relationship with his children.  No child wants a father that makes their mother feel like trash.


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By Jason John

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