Kandi Porsha – Text Messages

Kandi and Porsha’s text messages were used as receipts on season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Episode 15, “Let It All on the Table” showed Kandi call Porsha out about multiple lies.  Porsha claims that Kandi tried to drug her and she denies kissing her.  Kandi says the ladies were drunk at a club and Kandi was the aggressor.

The ladies are enjoying dinner when all of a sudden Kandi starts passing out screenshots of a conversation between her and Porsha.  Phaedra Parks is the lawyer but it was Kandi who was showing off her logical reasoning skills.  The text messages discuss Kandi and Porsha’s visit to the Four Queens casino in Las Vegas.

Kandi Porsha Text Messages
Kandi Porsha Text Messages

Porsha texts Kandi regarding the night, explaining that she won’t rape her on camera.  Porsha says that if Kandi says anything crazy on camera, she’s planning to walk away like she doesn’t know her.  This incident reminds us to watch what we texts.  A private text message can resurface and ruin your life!

Kandi says that the texts make it clear that Porsha was never afraid, instead Porsha was the aggressor.  Kandi says they were out until 3 AM and then Porsha invited them to another club.

Kandi says Porsha pushed up on her even more when they got to the second club.  Kandi exposes Porsha as a fraud and calls her out for lying about having sex with Block.  Kandi tells Porsha’s man, Todd, that she feels sorry for him.

Porsha claps back by telling Kandi that she feels sorry for her and her situation.  Phaedra tries to calm the ladies down.  Kandi tells Phaedra that Porsha is lying to people about her having a sex dungeon.  Kandi threatens to sue Porsha if she continues to spread lies about her.

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