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Joseline Hernandez – Parents, Kids

Joseline Hernandez’s parents were discussed throughout the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  The video at the end of this article shows the reality star confronting her mother about abandoning her.  Joseline is now a mother and has been working hard to make sure her daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan doesn’t have to go through what she experienced.

In episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season, “Family Matters” we see Stevie and Joseline meet face-to-face for the first time in months.  Stevie J initially denied that he was the father of Bonnie Bella Jordan.  Stevie and Joseline were together for 6 years and Stevie decided to disappear after finding out that Joseline was pregnant.

Joseline Hernandez Parents Kids
Joseline Hernandez Parents Kids

Stevie J And Joseline Baby Pictures

Here are some of the pictures Joseline has shared of Bianca Bella Jordan:

Stevie J And Joseline Baby Pictures
Stevie J And Joseline Baby Pictures

The following picture was shared hours after Bianca was born:

My daughter and my niece😋
A post shared by Management:JoselineHernandez (@joseline) on Dec 29, 2016 at 1:31pm PST
The pic above revealed that Stevie is Bianca Bella’s father.

Stevie J And Joseline Baby Pictures
Stevie J And Joseline Baby Pictures

While Stevie and Joseline have shared their personal lives with the world, they haven’t shared any pictures of Bonnie Bella’s face.  Tommie Lee recently explained that she had to remove pictures of her daughters from her Instagram account to keep her babies safe.  Stevie and Joseline are most like using the same logic.

The tweet below shows that Joseline still has haters.  The Puerto Rican Princess’ first few seasons of #LHHATL were intense.  Some blame her for ruining Stevie’s relationship with Mimi Faust.

The following tweet explains that Joseline is not a cheap chick! Stevie’s daughter moved in with him and she hates Joseline.  When Stevie saw a bag at his house he thought Joseline decided to move in.  When he saw the beat up boot, he knew it wasn’t Hernandez!

Some believe that Joseline’s accent is fake.  She has been speaking the same way for such a long period of time that it’s difficult to determine if she’s faking it or not.

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