Jay Z Set to Produce Manuel Miranda Movie

Rapper, investor, and businessman Shawn Carter aka Jay Z is all set to don the producer’s hat with Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights. The film has been
adapted from critically acclaimed and commercially successful musical by the
same name.
Hopefully it is better than Jay Z’s
music but that is another topic! The musical, which debuted in 2005, in turn
has been adapted from Quiara Alegría Hudes book.

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Well, it has to be better than Star
Wars: The Force Awakens since that movie was terrible!
Lin-Manuel Miranda penned the lyrics and
the composed the music for In the Heights.

Jay Z Manuel Miranda
Jay Z Manuel Miranda
According to leading media outlets, John
M. Chu will be directing the film and the film production will start somewhere
in spring this year. Insiders say that Miranda may end up in the film playing
one of the important characters. In the musical Miranda played the role of the
narrator Usnavi. Well this movie has to be more original than Jurassic World
which was just awful, devoid of any new ideas!
Jay Z will be co-producing the movie. It
is unclear if his controversial wife Beyoncé will be playing any part in this
maiden venture for Jay Z. One of the most successful music artists, Jay Z, which
is amazing because he does not have nearly track record of outstanding music
compared to Ice Cube, Eminem, or even TI, has proven to be a stellar business

He has launched several businesses that
includes – music studios, a clothing line, a talent management company, video
games, and music streaming service, all with a fair amount of success. His business
acumen far exceeds his rap skills!