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Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost Instagram – Jasminebleu

Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost Instagram Jasminebleu
Jasmine Washington Kirk Frost Instagram Jasminebleu
Although Jasmine Washington just revealed her Instagram account, she has just made things a lot more interesting for the show and for Kirk Frost. This is because she is Kirk’s mistress and she just posted a photo on Instagram of the baby she says belongs to Kirk. Wow! Talk about interesting, right?
Jasmine Washington just revealed her Instagram account and is under the name @jasminebleu Kirk Frost goes by the name @frost117 on Instagram. As was reported previously, VH1 kept their personal and social media information personal ahead of the newest season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. However, now it is revealed!

What is really crazy, is that around Halloween time, Kirk cut Jasmine off from getting any more money from him. This was done by Kirk right after Jasmine gave birth to his alleged baby!! What do you think about that?
Although he may have cut her off financially, she is now suing him for a paternity test to PROVE that he is the daddy! Not only this but, she is also suing him for child support. Jasmine wants her share and is asking for $2,500 per month out of the $10,000 per month Kirk makes.
We are also finding out now, that Jasmine isn’t being all the way truthful about the age of her baby or even her age for that matter. In fact, Jasmine is trying to say the baby is only two-months-old when she posted a photo on Instagram of a baby that looks to be about 5 months old. Not only this, but the photo of her baby she posted on Instagram was posted in January. However, she stated on the show that she had the baby around Halloween. AND wait, there is more to this story that you won’t believe! If you read the comments next to the photo she posted on Instagram of her and allegedly Kirk’s baby, they lead us to believe that she actually had the baby 30 WEEKS AGO! If this is the case, her baby is older than what she originally said. And, she also said she was younger when in fact, she posted that she is actually 27-years-old! Jasmine, why the lies?
Kannon Washington
Kannon Washington
What do you think of all of this? Sound off with your opinion on all of this and let everyone know what you think! I just don’t understand why she has to lie about her age and her baby’s age! Do you think this is Kirk’s baby?

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By Clarissa Wilson

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