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James My 600-lb Life 2017 – Update, Before And After

My 600-lb Life season 5, episode 11, “James K’s Story” showed a 790 pound, bedridden man who could not stand or move his legs.  Scroll down to see before and after pictures of James.  In 2017, he’ll turn 48 and he’s still hoping to have weight loss surgery.  The series reminds us that health and fitness is critical.

James’ Girlfriend, Lisa Gave Him Unhealthy Food

James couldn’t get his weight loss surgery because he couldn’t lose enough weight to make him eligible for the surgery.  His girlfriend, Lisa, would give him unhealthy food although she knew he was trying to lose the weight.  James met Lisa when he was 20-years-old.  She lived two houses away with her abusive husband.

Lisa has four children.  James and Lisa had an affair.  One day, she was sitting on his porch, crying, so James kissed her on the cheek.  Lisa explains that she knew he had a big heart after he kissed her.  They fell in love.  James says that his weight never bothered Lisa.

My 600 LB Life James Before And After 2017 Update
My 600 LB Life James Before And After 2017 Update

James Developed A Serious Case Of Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a bacterial skin infection.  It generally appears as a swollen, red area.  James suffers from an extreme case of cellulitis because of his weight.  Being obese increases a person’s risk of developing cellulitis.  James can hardly move his legs.  We’re praying for him!He Started Gaining Weight After Suffering An Ankle Injury

James’ mother was an alcoholic.  She passed away and he suffered depression.  He began gaining weight after he hurt his ankle.  Prior to his weight gain, James was very active.  Lisa explains that he loved riding four wheelers and taking the kids to the lake.  He loved going fishing.
James and Lisa had two children while Lisa was still married.  James wasn’t an active father because Lisa still lived with her husband.  James’ children didn’t know he was their father.  For more details check out the following video:


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