‘Empire’ Season 3 Quick Recap: “Sound & Fury”

Finally, Empire has returned with a brand new episode! The episode opens at Lucious Lyon Inferno, which has fire batons and lots of tension in the Lyon family — especially when Leah Walker wanders onto the stage. Uh oh. And that’s just the beginning.
Cookie Lyon Empire Fox Bat
Cookie Lyon Empire Fox Bat

Here’s a quick rundown of the episode so you can get all caught up quickly.


  • Nessa gets chosen for another showcase, despite Hakeem and Cookie wanting Tiana for the job. At the showcase, Tiana and Nessa get into a cat fight, where Nessa literally throws Tiana off the stage.
  • Cookie and Angelo seem to be doing OK after the fallout of the revelation of the car accident from his past.
  • Andre, Cookie, Lucious, and Hakeem have a tense visit with Jamal in rehab. Jamal writes music in rehab with Tory (Rumer Willis). Jamal disappears from rehab, and goes to record with Tory in a studio.
  • Lucious endorses Angelo’s opponent, John Meeks. Ouch.
  • Xavier is the worst. He finally gets fired. Later, Xavier. But Anika gets to be head of A&R and Cookie is pissed.
  • Cookie takes a bat and smashes up the halls of Empire Entertainment, including gold records and Lucious’ piano. And then they make out on the piano, because this is Lucious and Cookie we’re talking about, but Cookie doesn’t let it go further than that.