Drake New Album 2017 – 4 Facts

Scroll down to listen to Drake’s new 2017 album, More Life.  The album features 22 tracks.  Drizzy and Kanye finally got to do a track together.  Kanye recently complained about the beef between Apple and Tidal.  Kanye explained that there were two versions of “Pop Style” because of the feud.  Keep reading for 4 facts about Pop Style.

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1. Kanye West Appears On The Song “Glow”

Will we see a Drake, Kanye album in the future? Kanye and Jay-Z’s bond isn’t what it once was.  If Kanye wants to do another collaboration album it most likely won’t be with Jay-Z.  While “Glow” isn’t the best song I’ve ever heard, a Drake, Kanye album would be amazing.  They’re two of the most creative rappers in the game and they both have strong fanbases.  
Drake New Album 2017
Drake New Album 2017

2. Quavo Appears On The Song “Portland”

Drake was a major part of Migos’ initial success.  Drizzy’s “Versace” verse was a classic.  On the song “Portland” Drake teams up with Quavo and Travis Scott.  Quavo delivers the hook and the second verse.  It’s one of the best tracks on the album.  Drake starts the song off by describing the iPhone 5S that his side chick has.

3. Drake Does Not Diss Jay-Z On The Song “Free Smoke”

Drake says he didn’t listen to some of Jay-Z’s advice in the song “Free Smoke.” On Drake’s 2008 “Light Up” track, Jay-Z warns Drizzy that the media will come at him with silly rap feuds.  Jay tells Drake that the beef will be used as a distraction disguised as a favor.  Drake clearly ignored Jay’s advice by choosing to feud with Meek Mill.

4. Drake Mentions Jennifer Lopez On The Song “Free Smoke”

A few months back, Jennifer Lopez and Drizzy were dating.  Many think the relationship was a publicity stunt and it may have been.  J. Lo is now dating Alex Rodriguez.  In “Free Smoke” Drake reveals that he sent J. Lo a text message while he was drunk but it bounced back.  The bar leaves us more confused about J. Lo and Drizzy’s former “relationship.”