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Did Kirk Have A Baby On Rasheeda? Spoilers

Yes, court documents prove that Kirk Lanell Frost had a baby on his wife, Rasheeda.  The baby, Kannon Mekhi Washington, was born in 2016.  Last year, Rasheeda claimed that her and Kirk were good and that’s why they didn’t get screen time.  The couple is now the show’s main attraction.  Season 6 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta will feature Jasmine Washington, Kirk’s baby mama and Jasmine’s mother.

Timing is the key to success and VH1’s timing was perfect.  Rasheeda tried to kill Kirk when she found out he had a baby on her.  Kirk and Rasheeda have been married since 1999.  The couple is two years away from their 20th anniversary.  In the super trailer, we see Rasheeda’s mother advising Kirk to file for a divorce.

Did Kirk Have A Baby On Rasheeda?
Did Kirk Have A Baby On Rasheeda?

Kirk Encouraged Jasmine Not To Work

Court documents reveal that Kirk encouraged Jasmine not to work.  Frost is the owner of D-Lo Entertainment.  In the 1990s he managed Rasheeda’s band, Da Kaperz.  Rasheeda and two friends started the teen trio in the 1990s.  In 2000, Rasheeda decided to leave the group to pursue her career as a solo artist.

While Kirk encouraged Rasheeda to continue to work hard throughout their marriage, he encouraged Jasmine not to work.  Kirk gave Washington an allowance and a car.

The tweet above explains that Waka Flocka cheated on Tammy Rivera.  Rasheeda and Tammy are both very pretty but that doesn’t matter.  Certain men just don’t have the ability to maintain an honest relationship.  Many watched their fathers cheat on their mothers, providing a horrible example of what a marriage is supposed to be.

Rasheeda Kirk Frost Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
Rasheeda Kirk Frost Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Jasmine Broke Up With Kirk On Monday, October 31, Halloween 2016

Jasmine claims that her and Kirk’s relationship changed after she broke up with him on Halloween.  He took the car back and stopped giving Jasmine money for Kannon.  Jasmine is now broke so she took Kirk to court for child support.
Kirk is 47-years-old while Jasmine is 27.  Rasheeda is 27-years-old.  Jasmine has not been able to find a job while Rasheeda is a boss.  She has multiple businesses and is currently worth $800,000.

Kirk Cheated On Rasheeda While She Was Pregnant

Kirk and Rasheeda have two sons together: Ky and Karter.  When Rasheeda was pregnant with Karter, Kirk cheated on her.  Rasheeda should have left Kirk after the incident but she decided to give him another chance.  Kirk also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

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