Is Danielle Bregoli Gay? Cash Me Ousside Girl – Like Girls?

Is Danielle Bregoli gay? Does the Cash Me Ousside girl like girls? No, she’s not gay.  It’s difficult to believe that she was only 13-years-old when she appeared on Dr. Phil.  There were recently rumors about her being in a relationship with Kodak Black.  Bregoli shut down the rumors, explaining that he’s 19 and she turns 14 on March 26, 2017.

Danielle Bregoli Is Getting Her Own Reality Show

The world loves the Cash Me Ousside girl and she’s getting her own TV show.  Her manager says that seven companies are interested in developing a reality show starring Daniel.  She should go with VH1.  The company was able to make the world care about Flavor Fav decades after his prime.  The network’s popularity is exactly what Bregoli needs to take her career to the next level.


Danielle Bregoli Gay?
Danielle Bregoli Gay?

Daniel is young, giving her time to document how her life changes over the years.  Her reality series could start ratchet and five years later viewers would love to see her learning from her mistakes.

Danielle Doesn’t Hang Out With Kodak Black

Danielle appeared in Kodak Black’s video for “Everything 1K” but Kodak was not in the video.  Danielle’s age is most likely the reason the rapper decided not to appear in the video.
Although Kodak Black was not in the video, there were rumors about him and Danielle hanging out.  In the video above, Danielle squashes those rumors.  She didn’t know how to act on Dr. Phil but she knows her boundaries.  She says that she doesn’t hang out with Kodak because he’s 19.

The Cash Me Ousside Girl Is Not A Rapper

In the video above, Danielle also explains that she’s not a rapper.  She clearly has some smart people on her team who are giving her great advice.  We’re surprised she’s finally listening to advice from others considering her appearance on Dr. Phil.
What do you think about the Cash Me Ousside girl? Are her 5-minutes of fame over or is she just getting started? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!



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