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Chance the Rapper MCW2 – Magnificent Coloring World 2

Chance the Rapper has
taken to Instagram to tease his fans about his upcoming tour, Magnificent
Coloring World 2. This spring tour will start on April 24. He posted a post-it
on Instagram featuring the space and lingering with different mysterious hints
about his new tour coming up. He has fans going crazy!

His fans know that MCW
stands for the tour he did last year called, “Magnificent Coloring World.” So
it is only natural they would figure out that MCW2 stands for “Magnificent
Coloring World 2” which he will start toward the end of April. 

Chance The Rapper MCW2 Magnificent Coloring World 2
Chance The Rapper MCW2 Magnificent Coloring World 2
One Reddit user says
MCW2 definitely stands for Magnificent Coloring World 2. According to this
Reddit user, Fozzik, Chance is definitely hinting around about a second awesome
tour coming soon. 
What do you think? Do
you think that Chance the Rapper is trying to hint about a second Magnificent
Coloring World 2 spring tour for his fans? Apparently, the tour will be
starting out in San Diego so get ready Chance the Rapper fans! This tour will
be a magnificent one for everyone! 

Chicago #MCW2 A post shared by Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) on Mar 30, 2017 at 2:41pm PDT

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