Ceaser Black Ink – Fatal Car Accident

Ceaser’s “fatal” car accident almost made his ex-girlfriend, Dutchess have a heart attack.  In Black Ink Crew season 5, episode 8, “Ride The Sky Train” Dutchess receives a phone call from someone who claims that Ceaser was in a fatal car accident.  Dutchess loses it.  Although her and Ceaser are no longer together she still loves him.

Ceaser Black Ink Fatal Car Accident

Dutchess kicks her mother out her office and tries to get herself together.  She asks the person on the phone if Ceaser survived and the person hangs up on her.  Black Ink Crew‘s Executive Producer, Rasheed J. Daniels calms Dutchess down by explaining that Ceaser is fine.  Dutchess finds out the phone call was a prank and gets very upset.

Dutchess calls Ceaser to make sure he’s fine.  Ceaser confirms that he’s alive and Dutchess is relieved.  Dutchess is second-guessing her decision to leave Ceaser.

The Black Ink Crew season 5 trailer shows Ceaser get into a car accident.  VH1 has played with our emotions before, therefore it’s difficult to determine whether the Black Ink Crew was actually in a car accident.  In the video at the end of this article we see someone spilling Ceaser’s tea to his wife, Dutchess.


The person tells Dutchess that her sister was pregnant by Ceaser.  Black Ink Crew is one of the most authentic reality shows on television.  While Love and Hip Hop no longer even attempts to convince us it’s actually a reality series, Black Ink Crew is about 75% real.

Ceaser Black Ink Car Accident
Ceaser Black Ink Car Accident

After Dutchess is told that Ceaser impregnated another woman, we see Ceaser and Dutchess in a heated argument.  Ceaser is upset because Dutchess believes that lies she’s being told.  Dutchess calls Ceaser out for having her ring around his neck while he’s sleeping around with other women.

We then hear Ceaser stat that he has wasted the last five years.  He gets in his car and it looks like he’s involved in an accident.  According to VH1, there was a fatal car accident that involved Ceaser.  The following Instagram post makes it clear that Ceaser was not harmed in the accident.


If you have ever driven in New York then you know how dangerous driving is in the city.  Turning signals are generally not used and emotions typically run high.

Ceaser Black Ink Car Accident
Ceaser Black Ink Car Accident

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