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Bryshere Gray Girlfriend 2017

Bryshere Gray Girlfriend 2017

We have found out something really interesting about Empire‘s Bryshere Gray. Is he actually dating someone? Instead of eyeing every single girl he sees, did he finally settle down with one person? It seems so! It seems that he is actually dating Jhonni Blaze from Love and Hip Hop! Very interesting!

Bryshere Gray Relationship

Can you really imagine Bryshere Gray in a relationship with someone? Can you imagine him settling down with someone for once? And, of all people, he was spotted with Jhonni Blaze from Love and Hip Hop! Wow! Who would have thought, right?

Bryshere Gray has a Thing for Singers

Does Bryshere have a thing for singers? According to reports, he used to have the hots for Tinashe. Now, he was seen with Jhonni Blaze who is also a very talented woman.

Is it True that Bryshere Gray and Jhonni Blaze are Dating?

Well, they were spotted hanging out at a theme park together not too long ago. Pictures of the “new” couple hit the Internet and have fans of both shows going absolutely crazy!
What do you think? Do you think these two are dating? Do you think they make a good couple? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let everyone know what you think too! 

By Clarissa Wilson

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