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Bryshere Gray And Jhonni Blaze Dating? Pics Here!

Well this is quite an interesting pairing. Empire’s Bryshere Gray aka Yazz the Greatest and Jhonni Blaze of Love and Hip Hop have been spotted together having quite a good time. Pictures of the two hitting what seems to be a theme park hit the web and has fans going wild.

Yazz has a thing for singers. A while back he was a big Tinashe fan even commenting how good she looks on a few of her Instagram posts. Jhonni Blaze is actually really talented. The girl is gorgeous and can sing, rap, and play quite a few instruments.

She is a bit of a hot head. Remember when she exposed Richie D’s, um, little Richie D in addition to tweeting out his phone number?

Jhonni Blaze, whose real name is Jzapal Jackson, has also been caught in her own drama with ex-boyfriend’s and most recently has been beefing with Hazel E from the Hollywood edition of the Love and Hip-Hop franchise. Both Jhonni and Hazel have been linked to comedian Katt Williams and has drama over them. Even though we have all seen that Jhonni can throw hands, it seems like she’s trying to calm down. Instead of fighting Hazel, she’s about to drop a diss track about her and it seems like Hazel is going to do the same.

Bryshere Gray Jhonni Blaze
Bryshere Gray Jhonni Blaze

As for Bryshere, 23, and Jhonni, 26, the two may be dating or maybe Jhonni is trying to grab her a guest role on Empire or Jhonni is trying to get a new story line to return to the show. We’ll just have to see how this pans out.

Do you think the two are friends or lovers?

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