Brandon Martin – The Voice

Brandon Martin performed on The Voice‘s season 12 premiere episode.  The 25-year-old is from Kentucky.  With a beard like The Voice‘s season 11 winner, Sundance Head, many believed Brandon would advance.  Sadly, none of the coaches select the country singer.  Scroll down to see Twitter’s reaction.

Martin lives in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  His interview proves that he’s a country boy.  It shows him on a trailer working on his family’s farm.  His hometown, Owingsville, Kentucky, is very small.  The city has less than 2000 people and two stop lights.  Brandon explains that only one of the stop lights actually functions.

Brandon Martin The Voice
Brandon Martin The Voice

We meet Brandon’s father, Ronnie.  He explains that he bought Brandon his first guitar when he was 14-years-old.  Martin has the ability to hear a song on the radio and then play it without any practice.

Brandon tried trade school after graduating high school but he had to quit and get a job.  Brandon reveals that his ideal coach would be Blake Shelton.

The tweet above explains that the judges missed out on Brandon.  Blake tells the singer that he’s sharp at the end of his phrases.

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